About us

The experience of OÜ Virestcon Ehitus is taking its place from the far year of 2002. In the year of 2002 we started our business under the name of OÜ Koda Contracting. In present, 2015, our enterprise is renamed into OÜ Virestcon Ehitus.

The main occupation of our enterprise is the engineering of buildings’ technical systems.

We do: ventilation systems, heating systems, cooling systems, water supply and sewer systems. In addition we offer the maintenance of technical süstems, the owner supervisions of the construction, systems design.

The enterprise is also working with overall construction works: roof and facade construction, elaboration.

The goal of our enterprise is offering to our customers some qualified construction service, the reliability and accuracy.

Everybody who works for our company is competent, trained, having good experience and practical knowledge.

We are constructing in accordance with construction regulations and good engineering practice.