Lasnamäe Health Centre
Linnamäe St 3, Tallinn
underground storm water and sewerage works.
Business and residential building
Lelle 24, Tallinn
ventilation, cooling, heating, water supply and sewerage for the 16th floor.
Apartment building
Vibu 6, Tallinn
ventilation works
Apartment building
Rõugu tn 2 / Pikaliiva tn 92, Tallinn
water supply and sewerage systems
Apartment building
Marsi tn 3A, Tallinn
ventilation works
Mustamäe Centre
Tammsaare road 104 Tallinn
heating systems
Nordnet cold storage
Betooni 1B, Tallinn
ventilation, heating, water supply and sewerage systems
Office building
Pärnu mnt 102B Tallinn
ventilation and cooling systems
Arsenal Centre
Erika tn 4, Tallinn
ventilation, heating, water supply, fire water and sewerage systems