Heating system, ventilation, water supply-, sewer- and cooling systems

Heating systems

  • The heating systems of commercial and industrial buildings
  • Heating systems of office and warehouse construction
  • Boiler house construction, installation of heat exchangers
  • Accommodation and residential buildings heating solutions
  • Special purpose building heating systems
  • Heating system automation solutions

Ventilation systems construction

  • Commercial and industrial buildings ventilation
  • Office and warehouse buildings ventilation
  • Large kitchens ventilation, hood installation and supply
  • Smoke prevention systems and management automation
  • Local exhaust ventilation of exhaust gases
  • Accommodation buildings ventilation solutions
  • Residential buildings ventilation systems
  • Special purpose buildings ventilation systems
  • Ventilation systems automation

Water supply and sewer systems construction

  • Office and warehouse water supply and sewer systems
  • Commercial and industrial buildings water supply and sewer systems
  • Accommodation and residential buildings water supply and sewer systems
  • Special purpose building water supply and sewer systems

Cooling systems construction

  • Cooling fans, fan-coils
  • Inlet air cooling in ventilation systems
  • Server rooms cooling
  • Split-type cooling devices for home and office
  • Air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Chilled beam systems
  • Precision air conditioners